Brexit, the Border & the Left

The Brexit blog (www.brexitblog-rosalux.eu) is a partnership between the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and Trademark Belfast.

As part of this programme we are hosting a live recorded podcast bringing together a panel of speakers to explore, analyse and debate the impact of Brexit on Ireland, north and south, in the context of austerity, right-wing populism and an organic crisis of politics.

More information about the Brexit Blog

There are myriad Brexit blogs, yet few from a decidedly left position. In order for policy-makers, political observers and activists to be able to react promptly to the dynamics of Brexit and to offer ways forward based on well-informed, coherent positions, it is crucial to monitor events as they unfold as well as investigate complex questions of theory and strategy.

Our intention is not to add just one more opinion, but to create debate and engender political education and exchange on selected issues. It is time to link new and existing struggles and harness them towards a more effective left strategy for building a people’s Europe. With this blog, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels aims to support this process.


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