Upsurge in Latin America – Europe on the Defensive?


Birgit Daiber: Introduction
Lothar Bisky: Welcome Speech
Michael Brie: A Different Government is Possible! - Beyond the Centre-left Governments in Europe
Iole Ilíada: The "Correlation of Forces" as a Central Issue for the Left in Government
Pedro Páez Pérez: Processes of Social Participation Associated with the New International Financial Architecture
Daniela Trochowski: Conditions for a Left Budgetary and Financial Policy in Brandenburg
Valter Pomar: Analysis of Latin American Country Reports
Cornelia Hildebrandt: Analysis of European Country Reports

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>> Beitrag von Cornelia Hildebrandt in Deutsch (Blog)
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Buch in Englisch pdf

Buch in Englisch pdf
Buch in Englisch pdf
Download Buch in Englisch pdf

Buch in Spanisch pdf

Buch in Spanisch pdf
Buch in Spanisch pdf
Download Buch in Spanisch pdf

Lateinamerika, linke Alternativen